Friday, 3 July 2015

This Combo Could Help Beat Cancer

 Today I Saw This Berry Beat Back Cancer Again

We all know someone who had cancer, and many have had pets that died of cancer. It's a troubling time, and I became interested after a family Rottweiler went through great pain battling cancer. We blamed it on artificial ingredients in his food.

But what if the solution to managing this terrible disease  was as simple as a berry? New studies have scientists excited as lab animals showed huge reductions in tumor size when their diet was converted to 10 percent freeze dried raspberries. In combination with a tincture of wormwood I have seen for myself that it can be a big help in managing pet cancers.

Ever since I learned about this I have strived to gain even more knowledge and observe the positive impact this potent duo can make for pets with cancer. Both of these cancer fighting compounds  have scientific evidence documenting how they destroyed cancer cells in animal studies, and this week I got yet more confirmation of it's effectiveness. Several weeks ago a girl I know showed me a tumor almost half the size of a ping pong ball on her small  dog. I suggested she try the raspberry/wormwood tincture combination and I got thrilling news today :  The tumor was already gone! Though I expected a gradual reduction even I didn't think a tumor that size could be beaten back so quickly.

Over and over I have seen the cancer beating properties of berries in action. One of the first times was with a very old family  cat diagnosed with a stomach tumor. Every day he was given some berry powder and the tincture with his wet food. He managed to live happily for another year before dying and this is significant because he was well into his twenties. Another small dog had cancerous bumps on his body. After a few weeks of this remedy, the bumps were shrinking away and the light was back in his eyes. Another time someone told me their vet had told them their dog would die in few weeks from his cancer. One year later the dog was still alive after using the tincture. Someone else's small dog had cysts on his body, which an herbalist told me are usually related to an underlying tumor. With the use of berry powder the cysts shrank away. Just a few of the remarkable stories I have heard. And since most things that benefit the health of a dog also translate to human health benefits  it's very exciting!

Scientists think a compound called Ellagic Acid found in largest amounts in Raspberries and Strawberries induces cell death in cancer cells (apoptosis). This is important because normally cancer cells do not die after cell division unlike normal cells.  Ellagic acid should be obtained from whole foods whether they are fresh organic berries or organic freeze dried berry powder. Berries are often sprayed with very large amounts of pesticides so that is why organic is better most times.

 In the case of wormwood it's a free radical reaction with iron within cancer cells that causes them to virtually self destruct. It's an interesting story because scientists stumbled on this after a discovery of an ancient Chinese malaria recipe. They theorized that since the interaction with iron was responsible for its success against malaria, it might also be a powerful cancer killer since cancer cells also use large amounts of iron in their replication processes. And they were right, Artemisinin is like a stealth bomber against cancer cells.  Aren't you glad there are so many scientists out there today?

Cancer is a very serious condition and while I would not refer to the anti cancerous properties of these substances as a cure, I think you can have a reasonable expectation that they are tools that could help you to manage the condition in a life extending and improving way. Much depends on factors like the subject's age and the strength of their immune system. In the case of an owner of a pet with cancer with hard financial conditions, a nutritional approach like this to reducing tumor size may be the most affordable option available. While berry powder is not bargain basement cheap, it should still be in an acceptable price range for most people to purchase. 

Over the years I have held a belief that berries should be an essential component of my diet. Every morning I have a spoonful of organic freeze dried berry powder with some green powder in vegetable juice. Not just for the anti-cancer properties, but because they are chock full of antioxidants, nutrients, and fiber. These nutrients include thing like Vitamin C, and eyesight protecting antioxidants. 

Raspberry powder can be mixed into teas or smoothies easily in the morning, or just washed down with a glass of water. Plus raspberry powder is as delicious as candy!

If you have pets mix in the powder as a preventive measure in their wet food, but you should not use the wormwood tincture unless it is known for sure  that your pet has cancer as it is mildly toxic. It is best taken on an empty stomach so that it goes more directly into the bloodstream. I give the family pets a teaspoon of berry powder in their canned food and take a teaspoon for myself at the same time. Mixing in the powder with yogurt is another great way to work it into your diet, or to make an inexpensive treat for your pets.

Eat healthy, exercise, and enjoy your berries !

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This post is not intended to replace professional medical advice in any way. It is a reflection of my personal experiences and learning with this subject.