Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Tariq Hossenbux - Lettuce Farmer

 Tariq Hossenbux - Lettuce Farmer

My Garden Box

When i used to live in Dunrobin, one of my favourite things was that I could grow hundreds of lettuce plants in the summer and always have fresh salad.It really is a pleasure to be able to just walk out the door and pick out a bowl of crispy lettuce. And so easy to grow- after the neighbour had roto tilled part of the back field with his tractor it was just several days of work dragging a shovel up and down the field, walking by dropping the seeds in, and covering up the rows with soil. It was clayey soil, but rich in minerals and other nutrients for the plants. After a couple of weeks the little lettuce plants were sprouting up just as easily as grass.  The neat rows of vibrant green was something i looked forwrd to in the spring. For a few months i would be spared the strange feeling i had in the winter when i actually had to hand over money at the grocery store to buy greens. And it's a unique and proud feeling when you grow your own food, and watch the miracle of  life as your little plants grow. Now that the house has finally sold, the last remainder of my field of lettuce plants and kitchen garden is a blue box that i filled up with soil and took with me. This year has been a new experiment growing some lettuce inside it. I started in the summer and grew some things, but then brought it inside- worms and anything else that was under the soil. It's going well enough i think. Not enough to feed me full time or anything but when I need some lettuce to top a taco or something like that my lettuce is there. Typically i buy my lettuce seeds at the dollar tree. They usually have this gype called Grand Rapids that grows very quickly. It's not heirloom or non GMO as far as I know, but it's very easy to grow. When i used to buy seeds for my field in Dunrobin, the cashiers would be amazed (or possibly a little annoyed) when put down 60 packages of 3 for a dollar lettuces seed packages on the counter. Of course they would exclaim about how many lettuce seed packages i was buying and I would be happy to tell them about my annual project. I would also grow pumpkins and zucchinis but that would come second to my lettuce field in importance. The pumpkins became soups, pumpkin pies, and harvest squash soups. The zucchinis were sliced and made into jars of renowned dill pickled zucchini (the dill grew well in my garden!). I still have a stack of cases of jars from when i imagined that I could make a business out of  it. The pickles and even bags of lettuce were given as gifts and even sold. People were quite willing to pay 8$ for a large ziplock bag of my just picked pesticide free lettuce. It wasn't about money of course though. I was happy that people in the city could also enjoy eating fresh, natural,
nutritious and chemical free food. Perhaps sometime in the future there will be another version of my Dunrobin lettuce field.

Tariq Hossenbux
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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Managing Dog and Cat Cancers and Cysts with Berry Powder and Wormwood. By Tariq Hossenbux

 Pet Cysts and Their Possible Relationship to a Tumor 
By Tariq Hossenbux opinons from personal experience and reading 
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 Exciting news to relate here....I want to share it with you because you may be able to use this information!

Just had an interesting conversation with an herbalist I know today.  Anti Tumor tincture that I have had a lot of success in past years improving the vitality of pet dogs and cats with cancer. Its the most common cause of death in older pets so over the years unfortunately I have seen it quite a few times.  But I also noticed it shrank cysts too until today didn't know exactly why. According to the herbalist there is usually a tumor as an underlying cause .This tumor could often be in the lymphatic system causing blockages in circulation that create the fluid buildup of a cyst in another place. The lymphatic system does not have a pump and needs muscle contraction (exercise) to move toxins out. Kind of complicated but not really eh? Suddenly made a lot of sense how the cysts were cleared up when the underlying cause was handled. I recommend the tincture in conjunction with organic berry powder. I look at it as a sort of double shot approach. The berry powder has raspberries that contain ellagic acid which studies are showing can reduce tumor size in lab animals by 70%, and the wormwood extracts in the tincture cause a free radical reaction with iron in cancer cells to help destroy it. Pretty exciting stuff. So exciting its in clinical trials in the US with lung cancer survivors! If you have a pet with cancer i recommend you search out these ingredients and try it out. Its a slow process but I think you may see results in a few weeks.

Tariq Hossenbux

 http://news.sciencemag.org/chemistry/2001/11/wormwood-extract-kills-cancer-cells Tariq Hossenbux

Friday, 17 January 2014

Talking about Wing Night reminded me that I don't like them

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Wing Night reminded me ......

Last night after my workout I had an interesting conversation with another guy in my class. We were talking about getting some people together to go out after class sometime, and when i mentioned it was wing night at a nearby pub, he said he didn't like them. I agreed and realized that for a different reason, I didn't like them either. He just didn't like the taste, but I don't like the factory farmed chicken industry. I am not a vegetarian but I do try to think about the source of my food and  avoid eating chicken most of the time in fact. When I was younger my family had chickens living on the property that became virtually pets and over time observed their behaviour and their relationship with other animals. One of our dogs gave in to his prey drive and killed one of the chickens. Nobody blamed the dog, he knew it was wrong. It was his natural behaviour as an animal and that can never be entirely surpressed. Another dog later on became friends with the chickens. But we saw the chickens becoming fearful of the dog afterwards and you realize that they do think. The factory farming industry wants us to be disconnected from the idea that our food was once a living, breathing and thinking creature. That's why words like  poultry, beef, and pork are used instead of chicken, cows, and pigs. My philosophy is that farming livestock is part of human heritage, but that we should respect the beauty of life. For me that means allowing animals raised for livestock to live out some part of their life in an enjoyable way. When i buy beef  I travel to a farm a little outside of town and I can see that the grass fed cows are being treated well. And the beef is healthier and tastes a lot better for it. Even the stewing beef is more tender than the factory farmed steak at expensive restaurants. Much easier on the conscience that way. Back to my conversation about Wing Night. I walked back to him to tell my friend that I think in my lifetime technology will find alternatives to meat. I related an article about how Bill Gates is backing companies that are trying to invent chicken and egg alternatives. Only someone with that kind of money has any chance of  taking on the livestock industry. And he just might be successful.

Tariq Hossenbux Tariq Hossenbux