Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Tariq's Tips for a Cleaner Diet!

Tariq's suggestions to help you switch to a more natural diet

Despite the many food recalls and increasing evidence that cumulative damage from chemicals in food could contribute to cancer, many of still buy food and other products without knowing what the effects of  the various chemical ingredients may be. If we all did a little more reading on what goes into our foods, I'm sure big food manufacturers would see the profit they could make by making more natural products. I know from traveling in Europe that some of the things found in our Canadian foods are banned there. They are much more likely, for example, to use natural colors rather than the artificial ones.
It actually isn't that difficult to eliminate most artificial colors chemicals and flavoring from your food and other products. I personally avoid those things, and drink well water instead of tap water whenever i can (though this is hard to arrange for most people). Look up the top ten foods that should be purchased organic. Don't buy things that contain monosodium glutamate, sodium benzoate, tartrazine, bht, or obvious colorings. Choose whole grain foods over processed white foods and add lots of antioxidant and anti inflammatory spices to your food. Antioxidants and plants like astragalus will protect DNA from cancer causing mutations. Spices are cheap! When you buy meats you should buy grass fed or organic meat because those livestock should have less pesticide concentrations in them. Factory farmed animals are likely eating feed which in itself is pesticide sprayed and the chemicals will build up in greater concentrations in the animals that eats it.

Google all the ingredients in your home products and cosmetics )if you are a woman) and analyze whether they are dangerous. A lot of creams have a formaldehyde preservative that is a known carcinogen, parabens, and petroleum by products. I use a mineral stone instead of deodorants that contain aluminum and colorants. If you clean yourself out of all those chemicals your sweat will mostly just smell like water and salt. Shampoos should be organic so you arn't rubbing chemicals into your hair every day, and a chlorine filter attached to the shower head so you aren't breathing in toxic chlorine. John Masters Shampoo is one that I like a lot. It's about $20 a bottle but you don't use much, and really you only need to shampoo every 3 days or so. Give yourself good hard exercise and that means sweating. The lymphatic system which runs parallel to the circulatory system does have its own pump so the only way to get toxins flushed out is by muscle contractions. I go to a class a few times a week and its a fun inexpensive activity as well as a way to flush out the system. You can eliminate 30 percent of the toxins in your system through sweating. If your body is cleaned out of those chemicals then I really believe that sweat should smell mostly like water and salt. So far in the past few years  have not had a problem using anything more than a cheap mineral. There are definitely some very smelly people in the change room after class though and I wonder what they have been eating!
Believe it or not sugar is not hard get away from. I drink all my coffee and tea without it now, and the only sugary drink i consume regularly is Ribena Blackcurrant Juice (Which has tumor inhibiting properties itself!) And it really is  important is to eat organic berries and a lot of them. Raspberries and Strawberries have a special compound in them called Ellagic Acid that studies found shrinking tumors by up to 70% in lab animals. When combined with other anti tumoral wormwood tinctures i saw tumors shrink or burst in pet animals. Very exciting! If anyone has other information or stories to share you can send me messages through my personal website
at www.tariqhossenbux.ca 
I hope there was some useful information here.

Tariq Hossenbux