Monday, 14 April 2014

Tariq Hossenbux on Brandeis University Cancelling Islam Critic's Honorary Degree

Tariq Hossenbux's Opinion on Brandeis University cancelling Ali's Honorary Degree

CNN Article on Brandeis University cancelling Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Honorary Degree

Self Hater probably describes Ali pretty well. She has obviously has some psychological problems related to her barbaric mutilation but who can blame her for that? Some of the tribes in her ancestral country have some pretty primitive practices but that doesn’t have much basis in religion. Maybe the university has some counselors on hand that could give her some free therapy as a consolation prize instead of that honorary degree. Regarding the people with bigoted attitudes towards ANY group of people: You should leave the insular world  and go and meet some people from other cultures. Even if they are Muslim or gay or whatever group you think are demonic barbarians who discuss their future evil plans over dinner. You would probably find that all human beings with the same basic human desires, reasons to be happy or sad, and aspirations.  And yes some other countries have backwards policies and medieval cultures that they have brainwashed their populations with. And they still have a long way to go before they achieve modern free societies. And guess what? Things are not cartoon black and white issues. Brainwashing people with doctrines that encourage hate has historically helped dictators to oppress their own people. I don’t even need to name one particularly strong example of a hypocritical state. But if you travel to Monaco you will see their princes gambling and drinking while at home they preach radical puritanical religion to their people. Such brainwashing has even backfired on the dictators. Despotism pushes people underground where radical terrorism grows. Neither one of these things are good. There are many evil people and they find outlets for their violent interests. In one place one may become a terrorist and in others they go and shoot people at schools. Confrontational states encourage weapons sales as well! I like to think that Bush’s idea that establishing a democratic state in Iraq will eventually lead to more freedom in the middle east but with dictators gaining power all around them I am afraid that they may bring down that nascent democracy.

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