Saturday, 19 April 2014

Infants Addicted to Their IPADS

 Telegraph Article On Infant IPAD Addiction

I sometimes mention the radiation concerns with cellphones to a doctor I know  in Ottawa and he is very dismissive. Doctors tend to like to stick to whatever the conventional thinking is at the time. But as far as the addiction to electronic devices in the general population goes it's very scary. People get on the bus and feel the need to plug themselves in to a device and isolate themselves that way. What if something dangerous or maybe just interesting is happening around them? They might just not even know ! Are people missing out on their life when they plug in too much? Are some important social skills already being lost because people are communicating more with text messages and less with speech? Sometimes people complain that they don't even get service when they walk into a store. Is it because people treat real life the same way as they treat an internet chat or forum?  I think so.....

Tariq Hossenbux

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