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Managing Dog and Cat Cancers and Cysts with Berry Powder and Wormwood. By Tariq Hossenbux

 Pet Cysts and Their Possible Relationship to a Tumor 
By Tariq Hossenbux opinons from personal experience and reading 
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 Exciting news to relate here....I want to share it with you because you may be able to use this information!

Just had an interesting conversation with an herbalist I know today.  Anti Tumor tincture that I have had a lot of success in past years improving the vitality of pet dogs and cats with cancer. Its the most common cause of death in older pets so over the years unfortunately I have seen it quite a few times.  But I also noticed it shrank cysts too until today didn't know exactly why. According to the herbalist there is usually a tumor as an underlying cause .This tumor could often be in the lymphatic system causing blockages in circulation that create the fluid buildup of a cyst in another place. The lymphatic system does not have a pump and needs muscle contraction (exercise) to move toxins out. Kind of complicated but not really eh? Suddenly made a lot of sense how the cysts were cleared up when the underlying cause was handled. I recommend the tincture in conjunction with organic berry powder. I look at it as a sort of double shot approach. The berry powder has raspberries that contain ellagic acid which studies are showing can reduce tumor size in lab animals by 70%, and the wormwood extracts in the tincture cause a free radical reaction with iron in cancer cells to help destroy it. Pretty exciting stuff. So exciting its in clinical trials in the US with lung cancer survivors! If you have a pet with cancer i recommend you search out these ingredients and try it out. Its a slow process but I think you may see results in a few weeks.

Tariq Hossenbux Tariq Hossenbux

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